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Onboarding ETH Users To Your Solana dApp - Pain In The dAss?

With MoonGate's SDK, enable Ethereum's liquidity on your Solana dApp. Just a few lines of code, and you're done - it's that easy!

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MoonGate: Where Ethereum Meets Solana

Bridging ETH Users to Solana Effortlessly


Volume Bridged from EVM to Solana


Embedded Wallets Created

Embed the web3 experience Within your dApp with moongate

Our Product Offerings

Unlock Ethereum's Power on Solana:

  • Developer-Friendly SDK
    Utilize MoonGate's unique SDK to seamlessly integrate existing Ethereum wallets into your Solana dApp. Quick and simple for developers to implement.

  • Instant Integration
    Provide a frictionless onboarding experience for your users. Just set up your password and our system takes care of the rest. No complicated configurations.

  • In-App ETH-SOL Bridge
    Our built-in instant ETH-SOL bridge allows smooth and immediate transitions between Ethereum and Solana within your dApp, enhancing user satisfaction.

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Experience Interoperable In-dApp Wallet

  • Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Security
    Incorporate advanced MPC technology to ensure robust security within your dApp. Provide peace of mind to your users while keeping assets safe

  • Seamless On-Ramp & Swaps Integration
    Empower your dApp with embedded on-ramp and swap features, making transitions between assets and blockchains a breeze for both developers and users.

  • Mobile Browser Friendly
    Enhance your dApp's accessibility with MoonGate's mobile-friendly design. Reach more users and provide a seamless experience across devices.

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